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The 'E' in Toys : Entertainment and Education

Introduction to Toys


A Toy can be classified as an object, often a small imitation of some familiar thing, for children or others to play with. It is a small article of little real value but often prized for some reason.


Toys are an integral part of the learning process. Scientific & clinical studies have shown that children learn faster through the aid of toys and other similar educational aids. Toys are, therefore, increasingly used to generate inquisitiveness and fertilize creativity among infants & children in the early learning process. No wonder that we, at Shinsei Industries, believe that toys are not only the most powerful learning tools for our children, but they also bring that smile on their faces and the twinkling in their eyes……


Toys are of various types, and hence they can be in many categories. For example:


1) Pre-school toys,

2) Soft toys,

3) Mechanical toys,

4) Battery operated toys,

5) Guns,

6) Dolls,



The classifications are huge and new ones being made every time.

Board of Directors


Mr. Vijay Kukreja (MD) -


The Founder & Managing Director of the Company, is one of the most respected personality in the Indian Toy Industry.


He entered the Toy industry in the year 1965.


He founded Shinsei Industries in the year 1985 with its first unit in Bombay and is the Pioneer in Pull-Back toy’s in India. He is known to have made “Quality Standards” in the industry where none existed in his times.


After 18 years of hard work, he founded Min Toy Pvt. Ltd. in Silvassa, in the year 2003. Min standing for “Made in India”.


Both Shinsei & Min Toy are successful brands in the Toy Industry, with much credit to his hard work.


For more details, kindly see our company profile.




Mr. Manish Kukreja (Director) -


Mr. Manish Kukreja is a qualified Mechanical Engineer.


He has been associated with the company since 1995.


He is known to be one of the main persons behind the company’s change-over and is credited with helping in design & development of the
‘door open’ in a plastic car, successfully.


He is presently a partner in Shinsei Industries & a Director of Min Toy Pvt. Ltd., handling new development & marketing.

Our Vision

Shinsei Industries was founded in the year 1985 with the sole purpose of manufacturing “QUALITY” toys.


Our vision statement:


To be the best and most respected QUALITY Toy manufacturer in INDIA, manufacturing high quality toys at competitive rates & International



Our Mission

  • Our mission is to become the most respected “Indian Brand” in toys by continuing to manufacture “Quality Products”.
  • To earn trust & confidence of our customers by providing them with high quality toys at competitive pricing.
  • To continuously work with dedication and innovation to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Our Specialization


Mechanical Toys:

These toys use simple mechanics to run (not incorporating any type of battery or electrical power) and are often scaled models of real products. According to the type of power input, they are sub classified as follows:

(i)  Free Wheel toys: These toys do not have any gear box and run when pushed or pulled. Examples: Free wheel cars, planes, etc.


(ii)  Friction Toys: These toys have a gear box incorporating a flywheel. On pushing them, the flywheel gets activated thereby providing the necessary action. Examples: Friction cars, planes, buses, etc.


(iii) Pull-Back toy : These use a specialized gear box. The spring in the gear box gets wound when the

toy is pulled back (hence its name). When the toy is released, the spring unwinds there by providing the necessary action. The winding of the springs can be done in various methods, depending on the desired result.Example: Pull back Cars, Ships, etc.


Company Profile


Shinsei Industries was founded by Mr. Vijay Kukreja on 20th March 1985. Mr. Vijay Kukreja has been in the toy field since 1965, with experience in manufacturing and retailing.


Initially, while manufacturing, he had good response, however he faced some tough times and was driven out of manufacturing. He then went back to basics, and opened a toy shop in the name “Mini Land”, Juhu Scheme - Bombay (Mumbai).


Mini Land soon became the hot spot in Juhu and earned the name: “Toy Store of Juhu Scheme”. This venture was an eye opener and our ever learning founder learned that the customer wanted quality toys at a reasonable rate. This made his realize that there was a vacuum which needed to be filled. In his words: “Nothing is impossible, impossible just takes a little time and effort”.


Our History - Quality

So, on 20th March 1985, Shinsei Industries was born. Mr. Kukreja fondly states, it took him 20 years to make an over night success. In those twenty years, he worked in a company and himself had two manufacturing units, namely Kukreja Brothers and Mini Land. Retailing too was nurtured by him and it was during these formulative years that he dreamt of taking the toy industry to the next level, QUALITY.

Starting in Bombay (Mumbai), it was his foresight that made him realize that a manufacturing unit in the city of Mumbai did not have a future. With India growing. And its infrastructure improving rapidly, he made a decision to shift the manufacturing unit to a relatively unknown place, Silvassa. The location of Silvassa (on the border of Maharashtra & Gujarat) is its main incentive. Close proximity to Mumbai (around 170kms) and connected will with the national highway.

This however was a big step. Wise as he is, he took a small step in the form of Durga Industries. Opened in two sheds, he put his years of experience in it which ensured the growth of Durga Industries rapidly. Having faced the teething problems in the smaller venture and tasting success, he thought of taking things to the next level.

The Indian economy was rapidly changing by now to an open economy, imports from across the globe opening and China becoming a big threat. Under these circumstances, and with the helping hand of his son Manish, he started off his dream project, named Min Toy Pvt. Ltd. (Min standing proudly for “Made in India”).

Shinsei, we can proudly say, is amongst the most respected brands in India.


Factory Building Factory
Factory Building Factory Building





The company M/s Shinsei Industries, was founded in the year 1985, with a sole objective to provide quality products at a good, reasonable price. Japanese quality is known globally, hence Mr. Kukreja decided to adopt their standards in his factory.

Shinsei Industries has since then opened new doors in the toy field and setting new standards in the Indian Toy Industry. Trying to find improvement at all places, “Shinsei” brand has now earned itself a “Quality” name in the Indian market. This is reflected by the numerous awards won by us from “The All India Toy Manufacture Association”, popularly known as TAITMA and in its maiden year at TAI (Toy Association of India)



and also from "The Toy Association of India" also known as "TAI"



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