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Baby Dinosaur
Item Code: M-008

The baby dino is our effort to educate the child of the Jurassic age. Cutely crafted with moving legs makes the fearful creature more child-friendly.

Dimensions: L:168 W:85 H:87
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 455 x 220 x 230
Bull Dog
Item Code: M-010


Dimensions: L:140 W:95 H:65
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 340 x 282 x 172
Cyber Cat
Awarded Product
Item Code: M-018

The craze of robotic pets brought into a mechanical toy, Cyber cat has been a great hit with the children. Needing no batteries, this little wonder is bound to keep the child happy. Another TAITMA winner for us.

Dimensions: L:118 W:73 H:116
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 515 x 220 x 210
Cyber Elephant
Item Code: M-019

The craze of Robotic Pets continues in the Cyber Elephant. Its trunk shaped up and fast moving legs make it a perfect follow-up to Cyber Cat.

Dimensions: L:132 W:73 H:112
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 460 x 225 x 235
Haathi-The Elephant
Item Code: M-029

Haathi - The Elephant is a more realistic animal figure in toy. With a man sitting on it, it completes the feel of a Maharaja Toy.

Dimensions: L:145 W:70 H:125
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 545 x 185 x 190
Lovely Duck
Item Code: M-045

Making an animal toy has always been a challenge. A mechanical bird toy, more challenging. A mechanical bird toy with moving “legs” & “flapping” wings, incredible. Friends, please welcome…LOVELY DUCK.

Dimensions: L:145 W:165 H:110
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 580 x 155 x 305
Lovely Puppy
Item Code: M-046

Lovely Puppy is an ideal pull back toy, specially for the little darlings of the house who love to have pets. With its cute looks & moving legs, this one takes the cake.

Dimensions: L:135 W:100 H:141
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 420 x 360 x 195
My Little Puppy
Item Code: M-073

Our first attempt in animal toys, My Little Puppy was dedicated to our family pet. Cute and fast, its bound to bring smiles to everyone.

Dimensions: L:70 W:40 H:37
Pkg: 20 pcs
Box Size: 255 x 230 x 185
Puppy Rider
Awarded Product
Item Code: M-121

This cute Puppy on a bike is an instant hit with the children. The cute looks and moving legs for a real life feel make it a joy to have. This was awarded by TAITMA (The All India Toy Manufacturers Association) too.

Dimensions: L:158 W:88 H:148
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 445 x 330 x 170
Sea Animal
Item Code: M-092

The most friendly of the Sea Animals, the Dolphin, made into a pull back toy. This also happens to be our company Logo.

Dimensions: L:165 W:68 H:55
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 305 x 255 x 195
Sea Horse
Item Code: M-093

Sea Horse is a sweet little toy whose all four legs move, giving it a realistic look.

Dimensions: L:170 W:60 H:130
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 325 x 280 x 190
Seal Sea Animal
Item Code: M-095

Seal Sea Animal is the perfect example of how a simple toy can be a very complicated one to make. The curvy shape of the toy was a challenge, but as we say, in the world of creativity, there is no end to the possibility.

Dimensions: L:138 W:100 H:65
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 320 x 255 x 255


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