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City Harbour Boat
Awarded Product
Item Code: S-052

A beautifully engineered product, worked out to the minutest details, the City Harbour Boat is made of non toxic material. It comes in an individually packed box with a window. A wonderful play pal for your little ones. Winner of the Best Mechanical Toy of the Year Award - 2011 (for 2010).

Dimensions: L: W: H:
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size:
Patrol Boat
Item Code: M-080

Patrol Boat is the coast guard boat made by us to protect the Indian shores. Its Fire, Rescue and Police teams keep the young ones imagination going, even in deep seas.

Dimensions: L:200 W:83 H:95
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 420 x 175 x 220
Sail Boat
Awarded Product
Item Code: M-088

A quite evening, cool breeze on the sea shore, watching the sunset laying down on the sand. Picture perfect. That’s the memory this toy revives right here in your home.

Dimensions: L:215 W:85 H:250 ( w
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 525 x 380 x 275
Sea Queen Boat
Item Code: M-094

Sea Queen Boat is truly the queen of the seas. Majetic in appearance, this toy brings the magic of a super yacht into the hands of the childs imagination.

Dimensions: L:315 W:72 H:78
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 435 x 365 x 200
Speed Boat
Item Code: M-097

Speed Boat is your childs own bundle of joy. Its amazing speed and perfect shape makes you a proud owner of a perfect yacht.

Dimensions: L:180 W:70 H:70
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 345 x 210 x 225
Star Cruise Ship
Item Code: M-103

Star Ship is our first attempt of bringing the happiness of a cruise liner to your home. A hit with the young ones to re-live their memories.

Dimensions: L:242 W:62 H:130
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 615 x 310 x 175


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