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Crazy Rider
Item Code: M-017

The most popular mode of transport ever, the bicycle made into a toy with a cyclist. The authentic movement of the legs adds life to the toy, little wonder then that this has won awards both from TAITMA & TAI.

Dimensions: L:145 W:50 H:102
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 370 x 285 x 150
D-2 Bike
Item Code: M-124

D-2 bike is the smaller version of the Dhoom Rider, giving us a variety to match every customer requirement.

Dimensions: L:120 W:38 H:124
Pkg: 60 pcs
Box Size: 300 x 265 x 480
Dash Cycle
Item Code: M-020

Dash Cycle brings the fun of a Motor Bike in toto. The Small wonder is big on power, sure to bring cheers in the childrens room.

Dimensions: L:88 W:34 H:58
Pkg: 60 pcs
Box Size: 285 x 215 x 330
Dhoom Rider
Item Code: S-012

A fast and furious bike with dashing looks, Dhoom Rider keeps the pace of the bike excitement running.

Dimensions: L:148 W:56 H:98
Pkg: 30 pcs
Box Size: 325 x 200 x 525
Hero Honda
Item Code: S-055

This bike brings to life the joy of riding one. It lives up to its reputation and brings loads of joy & smiles.

Dimensions: L: W: H:
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size:
Jump Rider Double Speed
Item Code: S-006

Jump Rider has been one of our esteemed products which has made itself a brand. The mechanism is our special Double Speed, which makes starts up slow and then gains speed.

Dimensions: L:91 W:35 H:53
Pkg: 60 pcs
Box Size: 290 x 295 x 210
Kawasaki Bike
Item Code: M-040

The fast & the furious have just become bigger & better with the arrival of “Kawasaki Bike”. An affordable bike for the little racers of the house. This “Toy Machine” is sure to ignite the imaginative powers of your child.

Dimensions: L:180 W:77 H:107
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 425 x 320 x 180
Kinetic Rider
Item Code: M-041

A scaled version of the modern scooter, Kinetic Rider is one of a kind toy. Made from ABS, it has a smooth pull back gear box.

Dimensions: L:182 W:74 H:120
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 445 x 330 x 170
New Jump Rider
Item Code: M-074

One of the Jewels of our crown, New Jump Rider says its own tale as to why it is our most cherished product. This is one little bike that will make you jump with joy.

Dimensions: L:91 W:34 H:73
Pkg: 60 pcs
Box Size: 290 x 225 x 425
Power Blaster
Item Code: M-082

Power Blaster is our first in house design of a motor cycle. Its solid manly looks and sturdy design gives this bike the Power to blast ahead.

Dimensions: L:145 W:57 H:85
Pkg: 30 pcs
Box Size: 405 x 300 x 450
Splendor Bike
Item Code: S-061

The king of two wheelers, Splendor lives up to its reputation. The Bike brings alive all the actions & the stunts a child can dream of, helping get his imagination the wings it requires.

Dimensions: L: W: H:
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size:
Stunt Bike
Item Code: M-128

Stunt Bike is every stunt boy's dream come true. Just the right size, this ones got the power in its belly to do the unthinkable.

Dimensions: L:115 W:38 H:76
Pkg: 20 pcs
Box Size: 445 x 250 x 160
Yamaha Bike
Item Code: M-118

Yamaha Bike is the big brothers of all our bikes. Wit a pinion rider, this ones got it all.

Dimensions: L:170 W:82 H:142
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 415 x 340 x 190


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