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Bullet Train
Item Code: M-011

The most popular train that set the Speed in the world of railways. Our version of the Bullet train comes with opening doors & a sleek design.

Dimensions: L:175 W:37 H:50
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 420 x 270 x 130
Dx. Loco Engine
Awarded Product
Item Code: M-022

Dx Loco is our big daddy of toys. The toy version of a steam Loco Engine, its moving side rails add to its realistic feel.

Dimensions: L:136 W:100 H:120
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 610 x 310 x 175
Mini Loco Engine
Item Code: M-067

The Mini Version of the classic steam engine, Mini Loco Engine comes complete with the moving rails. An added variety to fit all pockets.

Dimensions: L:100 W:73 H:73
Pkg: 30 pcs
Box Size: 290 x 225 x 425
Palace on Wheels
Item Code: M-079

Palace on Wheels, our National Pride, in a more modern train. The set comes with a train engine and two compartments. One of the few pull back ideas from us, a Pull Back Train Set.

Dimensions: L:425 W:37 H:50
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 495 x 250 x 150
Super Locomotive
Item Code: S-053

The steam engine made into a toy, Super Locomotive has been crafted with passion. Detailing has been maximum to ensure its authentic looks, but no compromise on the fun & excitement.

Dimensions: L: W: H:
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size:
Toy Train
Item Code: M-109

This has been an imaginative creation in bringing a cartoon toy engine to life. With its moving eye action and a cute-sleek design, this little one really takes the cake.

Dimensions: L:103 W:50 H:63
Pkg: 10 pcs
Box Size: 310 x 290 x 120
Western Express
Item Code: M-116

The Mini engine, Western Express comes in a double action version. Its cute design and double action feature are a hit with the young ones.

Dimensions: L: 78 W:35 H:50
Pkg: 60 pcs
Box Size: 290 x 215 x 280


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